To be a Vegetarian is Tough in Singapore

When Singapore or any Southeast Asian country is recalled, the first thing we hear is the non-veg foods. These countries aren’t known for vegetarian-friendly dishes. Most of the foods in these regions will contain at least one non-veg ingredient, so the vegetarians would suffer. Are you looking to answer whether being a vegetarian in Singapore is tough? Well then, you must learn about the food trends in Singapore and know where you can find some good veg-friendly dishes. Looking for a guide? Follow this article here…

Not Tougher, but “Tough!”

While few expatriates are claiming that it’s not tougher to find vegetarian food in Singapore, I’d say it’s still tough to find. Yes, let’s draw a fine line between tougher and tough. It’s to be agreed that there are several vegetarian restaurants and hawker centers in Singapore. And yes, you’d have several veg options in each cuisine to select from. In most places, you’ll have the privilege to request for the non-veg dishes to be prepared veg as well. Now, you can ask me why I’m saying it’s tough. I say this not because of the lack of veg restaurants, but due to the lifestyle factors. The real problem is not with finding the places that could provide you veg dishes, but with the lack of options to choose from on the menus.

The problem will be worse if you’re staying with friends; yes, it will be an issue if you go out to eat. You’ll be shocked to see that only < 10 percent of the dishes are vegetarian, that goes too in Indian restaurants and Thai restaurants. You’ll have nil options in the Korean/French ones. In Japanese, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese places, you’ll have one or two veg dishes out of thirty to fifty non-veg dishes. This makes it difficult for us to be vegetarian here.

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In these, I’ve considered only the starters and mains. In several Asian restaurants, the broth will be of pork and several of the no-meat dishes will contain eggs or fish sauce. If you’re a pure vegetarian and looking to avoid these, I’d say you must be very cautious and must enquire about the ingredients before consuming. One thing you could do is ask them to make the dishes without those ingredients.

So, let’s talk about food courts here. In the majority of food courts, you’ll find one or two stalls that offer veg dishes. So, here again, the ratio isn’t balanced. This is why everyone claims that Singapore isn’t veg-friendly.

Exploring the Options:

As mentioned, I prefer to choose Indian when I want it 100% veg. I’d say the “Little India” area is the best place for people who want to eat good veg dishes. My personal selection would be the “Ananda Bhavan” restaurant, which will surprise you with some exotic green dishes. This is a chain of veg restaurants having a long-associated history in the island-city. I’d say this is a blessing for every Indian who comes for a stay. My other preferences include “Pollen” and “VeganBurg.” Don’t miss trying these if you’re a vegetarian!


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