Tips for Better Blended Drinks With Ice

Blended cocktails are a terrific treat, but they do require a little bit of practice. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to master the art of mixing if you take advantage of the right advice.

Check out the cocktail-blending tips below to learn how to get the perfect cocktail – not too soupy, not too chunky – every time.

Rinse your fruit in the sink and remove stems and/or skins. For better blending, chop fruit into chunks that are one inch or smaller.

Herbs should also be thoroughly rinsed and de-stemmed before blending. Tear larger herbs into small pieces.

Start off your cocktail by blending all of the non-ice ingredients (including liquors, juices, and fruits) on their own. It’s better to get these ingredients mixed up thoroughly before putting your blender to work on your ice.

Check the lid of your blender for a removable center portion. This often serves as an excellent measuring cup, and it may be just equivalent to a shot of liquor. Even if the removable section isn’t an exact shot, you can still use it to measure out tequila, rum, and other liquors precisely.

When you do add ice to your cocktails, start out with 1 cup per drink. Remember that you can always stiffen up a watery cocktail by adding more ice after you’ve started blending.

Whole ice cubes can be a challenge for all but the sturdiest of blenders, so it’s a good idea to use cracked or crushed ice instead. Whole cubes may end up causing excess wear on the motor and blades of your blender. If you want a machine to make different sorts of ice, that cab ne a good idea – check out these portable ice maker reviews to find the right one for you.

Tough premium blenders are sometimes equipped to chop ice; check for this feature before subjecting your equipment to whole cubes.

You may want to spend a modest amount to buy a Lewis bag for crushing ice cubes. It’s convenient and reusable; well worth the trivial cost.

Start blending your cocktail on a low speed after you add the ice. If your blender is equipped with a pulse mode, this is the perfect time to use it. The short bursts of blending power are ideal for chopping ice and any remaining large ingredient chunks.

Build up your blending speed gradually. Going through each speed setting in sequence is the best way to produce smooth, consistent cocktails.

Once you stop hearing the cracking sounds of ice being crushed, it’s time to pause and check the consistency of your mix.

Let the motor stop completely and then open the lid. Use a bar spoon to stir the drinks. (The extended length of the spoon’s shaft is ideal for stirring in a blender.) If there are still large chunks in your blender, it needs a little more blending time.

If the consistency of the drink feels too thin to you, add more ice and blend it again. If the drink is too thick (but feels consistent), you can use some more of your liquid ingredients to thin it out. Make your adjustments gradually, because it’s easy to end up going back and forth repeatedly in your quest for perfect consistency.

Additional Quick Tips

* Whenever possible, use fresh fruit.

* To avoid messes, never use carbonated beverages in blender drinks.

* Clean your blender as soon as possible. If you’re switching from drink to drink, rinse it out in between.

* Always hold the lid of your blender closed with your hand when it’s running.

* Want to make sure you have the right blender for the job? Check out this guide to blender buying.

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