Spice Up Your Brunch- How To Turn Things Up With Great Cocktails

A brunch provides the perfect opportunity to combine a good breakfast and a great lunch without having to spend so much effort making the preparations or spending too much time at it. In fact, contrary to what used to be the case just a couple of decades ago, brunches have now become so common that they are almost something of a modern tradition. It is no longer strange but almost expected to find a group of friends or relatives gathering at a place over the weekend to enjoy a brunch together. And, it goes without saying, no brunch is close to being good enough if it does not come with at least one good cocktail drink.

Questions to ask when mixing a great brunch cocktail

If you want to prepare a brunch of great cocktails, there are several factors that will need to be taken into close consideration, the first of them being the kind of guests that you expect to be part of the brunch. In particular, you need to consider whether or not a brunch cocktail made up of alcoholic drinks will go well with the guests. For instance, if you are planning to host a few of your friends from church for brunch at your house then you might want to steer clear of any cocktails that contain any alcohol. On the other hand, if you drink and you are planning to host a bunch of friends who also do the same then you could go for something stronger in your cocktail.

Most people often make the mistake of worrying about the specific ingredients and portions that should go into the making of every cocktail as prescribed by its specific recipe. While there is really no absolute need to follow all the instructions in the recipe to the letter, it is definitely a good idea to try and do so as much as possible especially if you are new to it and have never mixed a brunch cocktail in your life before. However, if it is not your first rodeo and you have done this before then, by all means, feel free to experiment a little. Everyone loves to have a wonderful surprise and if you can give your guests one in a special drink then they will definitely appreciate you more for doing so.

How much is too much?

When preparing your own brunch cocktails, you should be careful to avoid overdoing it. The general rule of thumb here is usually to think of it in terms less is more. Adding too much of any single ingredient in the drink might end up making the drink worse instead of improving it. However, that said, a brunch is usually a rather personal affair and therefore there are no strict rules regarding how it should be planned and which kinds of drinks should be served. After all, if you cannot experiment with different types of cocktails at a branch then it is hard to see how you would be able to experiment with the same anywhere else.

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