List of Child-Friendly Restaurants in London

Dining out can be a trickier experience if you have children. There are lots of restaurants in London that are not suitable for kids. In fact, some restaurants do not even allow children to dine because they believe it can disturb the ambience and the experience of the other diners. Then there are other restaurants that are not child friendly because of the fact that the menu is too complex. After all, most children tend to be fussy with their food and thus a lot of parents struggle to find dishes that their kids are actually going to enjoy. Yet, why shouldn’t parents get to enjoy the fantastic fine dining experience and the mouth-watering dishes that come with it whilst taking their children along too? Thankfully this is no issue when it comes to the following fine dining food establishments.

Chutney Mary  

Chutney Mary is an Indian contemporary restaurant that serves quintessential cuisine of India. It offers authentic flavours of traditional Indian recipes by making use of innovative techniques that are presented keeping up with world class standards. Chutney Mary welcomes children of all ages at lunch to enjoy their delectable delicacies. The restaurant also seats children between the age group of 4 and 10 at dinner time Children in this age group can dine up to 8 pm and as such children are expected to be seated by 6.30 pm latest. Keeping the interests of every diner in mind and to ensure that everyone enjoys a memorable fine dining experience, families with children are requested to take note of their children. To keep things organised, families are expected to cooperate with the restaurant authorities and keep prams and pushchairs at the reception.

La Chapelle

The La Chapelle is a gorgeous restaurant that offers award winning French cuisine. The restaurant is extremely child friendly and even has a family Sunday lunch menu. There is a two course menu for little ones and this is priced extremely well at £9.50. It includes the likes of roast chicken and ice cream (not together of course!). And what child doesn’t love those tasty dishes? This restaurant is extremely welcoming and friendly. You and your family will feel completely at ease whilst you dig into simply delicious meals.

The Cookbook Cafe

And last but not the least, the Cookbook Cafe is an excellent choice for children. In fact, if you visit the restaurant on the weekend, then your child can enjoy a weekend brunch free of charge if they are under the age of six. The restaurant specialises in good hearty English food and prides itself on using the best seasonal ingredients. The weekend brunch menu includes the likes of waffles, pancakes, and tapas style mains. The dinner menu has lots of dishes that children are likely to enjoy as well. This includes the likes of grilled sirloin beef with hand cut chips and a delicious warm flourless chocolate cake.

Consider one of the three restaurants mentioned in this article next time when you are looking to dine out as a family and take the children with you. All are child friendly and you are bound to find something your little one will enjoy on the menu.

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