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The Humble Chickpea is a Much Loved part of the Indian diet.

Although it may seem unassuming, there are a variety of delicious ways to use this affordable and easily accessible pulse to astonishing effect. It is also extremely nutritious as it contains a high amount of protein and provides a good source of fibre.

With poverty being an issue in so many parts of India, it is no surprise that the chickpea has become such an essential ingredient in traditional Indian cooking. It acts as a great base for taking on strong Indian spices and flavours, and works well either as a side dish, as part of a balanced thali, or even as a vegetarian meal in itself. It can also be dried, which means that it can stored for long periods of time.

Chicken Sale Increases As Chicken Based Recipes Increased

The food varies from one place to another and the way of cooking as well. Chicken is found to be having good demand in a market and people use it to cook a variety of food items. This is not only as a daily food but for celebration, parties and other reason, people prefer to have chicken. They are good to taste and easy to cook.