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-Introduction of brand identity (Cheonyeondama)

[Masterpiece Stock Pack]

natural seasoning brand,Cheonyeondama is made with 100% of non-aseptic, no-colored, no-additives natural ingredients. We canhelp you develop the healthy eating habits for our family and children, by making the best quality of natural seasoning with environment-friendly, organic ingredients.

Efficient way to useCheonyeondama in your home

When Cheonyeondama Owners baby started to reject eating food that was not seasoned, so Owner tried feeding him different kinds of food including store-bought baby formula or even take-out foods that adults eat. However, this resulted in the baby suffering through primary stages of atopic syndrome and food poisoning. Hence, they started giving more thoughts to what the baby was fed.

Cheonyeondama use the best and freshest natural resources for all of the food they create. With resources such as the shiitake mushroom that has an organic certification and other natural spices, Cheonyeondama have used the best natural products (not just using spices for the creation of the base of the soup) without preservation of any kind.

Cheonyeondama lead the healthy food culture for our family and children, by making the best quality of natural seasoning with environment-friendly, organic ingredients.

[Dried Herring Stock Pack]

Have you heard about ‘Dried Herring’?

It’s a kind of anchovy, but different!!

Dried herring contains vitamin A, selenium, DHA, EPA, Amino acid which is good for growing children and it has antioxidant effect.

In dried herring stock pack contains herring, kelp, shrimp, onion, rice, radish, adlay and celery. Since it contains rice and adlay, it gives effect of rice water, so make the meat stock more deep and rich.

Hence ‘Dried Herring Stock Pack’ is good for makes rich and deep flavored meat stock!

[Masterpiece Stock Pack]

This ‘Masterpiece Stock Pack’ used 10 domestically produced goods, which are dried anchovies, kelp, green onions, shrimps, pepper seeds, radishes, burdocks, adlay, rice, and onions. Hence this 10 kinds of natural ingredients make the meat stock more deep flavored.

  • Kelp, and Anchovy prevention for blood circulation, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
  • Onion makes savory taste, anti-oxidative effect, promotion of digestion
  • Shrimp contains full of vitamin C, high protein, and low fat!
  • Adlay makes deeper flavor, full of protein and cellulose abundance, prevention for vein agin

Aflavorsome and quick natural pack with which ingredients are stirred at high temperature, considering each ingredient’s uniqueness, to remove the fishy, bothersome flavors while preserving the ingredients’ taste and scent.


Spice Up Your Brunch- How To Turn Things Up With Great Cocktails

A brunch provides the perfect opportunity to combine a good breakfast and a great lunch without having to spend so much effort making the preparations or spending too much time at it. In fact, contrary to what used to be the case just a couple of decades ago, brunches have now become so common that they are almost something of a modern tradition. It is no longer strange but almost expected to find a group of friends or relatives gathering at a place over the weekend to enjoy a brunch together. And, it goes without saying, no brunch is close to being good enough if it does not come with at least one good cocktail drink.

3 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Shedding those unwanted pounds will be an interesting experience. Not only may you find yourself in the gym working out, you’ll most likely put down the sugary snacks and pick up the healthier options. Everything you do during this time can affect if you actually lose weight and how much weight you lose, so you have to be careful to not make the same mistakes many others have made when they tried to lose weight.

To be a Vegetarian is Tough in Singapore

When Singapore or any Southeast Asian country is recalled, the first thing we hear is the non-veg foods. These countries aren’t known for vegetarian-friendly dishes. Most of the foods in these regions will contain at least one non-veg ingredient, so the vegetarians would suffer. Are you looking to answer whether being a vegetarian in Singapore is tough? Well then, you must learn about the food trends in Singapore and know where you can find some good veg-friendly dishes. Looking for a guide? Follow this article here…

Use Your Birthday Banana Bread as an Excuse to Eat Cake for Breakfast

My birthday is coming soon. Just so you know, in case you want to buy me a present. Just kidding J For my kids and my husband’s birthdays I always make great decadent cakes. That’s the way they like their cakes and I have no objection. But when it comes to my birthday I like to keep things simple and light. Not only because calories from birthday cakes DO count, but also because I am that kind of a person, I like simple things.